Pear Decora Columnar


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Perfect for small spaces or patio pots, this pear tree will perform just as well as any other, but in an incredibly compact form!
'Decora' has been grown to have an upright, columnar form and almost no branches, achieved by breeding instead of pruning so that the tree will maintain its shape without the need for skilled pruning or training. The delicious fruit is firm and juicy and ready to pick from September.
Self-fertile and growing to just 2m in height after 5 years, 'Decora' is so easy to harvest as the fruit naturally occurs on small spurs close to the main stem instead of on branches. As well as being a productive fruit tree, it also makes an ideal, eye-catching specimen when grown in a large patio pot where you can really appreciate the lovely spring blossom followed by a healthy crop of tasty pears.
Supplied as a bare root tree, ready to plant and reaching 2m after 5 years.


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