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Taking a 'Champion' apple tree and expertly grafting three other varieties onto it has produced a single tree that carries four entirely different varieties of apple!
Perfect if you're short on space, it means that you can grow a selection of delicious apples in a pot on your patio if you don't have room in the garden space for it. With wonderful blossom in the spring followed by masses of delicious fruit, this incredible tree has something to offer all year round. The apples will ripen at their natural time, giving a much longer cropping period than you'd have if growing just a one variety.
'Champion' a cross between 'Golden Delicious' and 'Cox's Orange Pippin' with extra-large, deep red, juicy and crisp fruit that keeps fresh for a long time. A wonderful eating apple and great for juicing. Ready to harvest in October.
'Elstar' is a versatile variety that is delicious and juicy eaten straight from the tree, this apple's honeyed sweetness balanced with slight acidity means it is also a great for cooking – superb in cakes, desserts and apple sauce! Producing medium-sized dessert apples, 'Elstar' are bursting with juicy flavour, ready from October to December.
'Pinova' lovely yellow skin flushed with orange and a good juicy balance between sweet and tart. Aromatic with crisp, firm flesh and great for eating and cooking, ripening from October and stores particularly well.
'Braeburn' is the UK's most popular eating apple variety by far! The crisp and juicy white-fleshed fruits have what is considered by most to be the perfect sweet/tangy flavour balance, literally providing a flavour explosion with every mouthful, providing gorgeous fruit from mid-October.


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