Azalea Evergreen Pink


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With its large, voluminous flowers, this Azalea welcomes the spring with its extravagant display of rich pink trumpet-shaped-blooms, which have a throat speckled in magenta and almost completely cover this neat, compact shrub. Also, the small, densely packed, glossy dark evergreen leaves make  this is a hansdome shrub all year round.
Happy in sun or light shade and perfect for growing in containers – where it'll make a striking addition to doorways, terraces and balconies - but also happy in the flower borders. Just the thing for bringing a bold mass of colour to the spring garden!
Azaleas are easy to care for, needing little maintenance or pruning. Requiring acidic soil, incorporate plenty of ericaceous compost when planting and keep moist.
Supplied as an established plant in a 17cm pot.


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