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An absolutely cracking collection of fruit trees to make your own mini orchard!
Now you too can pick crops of premium variety eating apples, cherries, apricots, pears and plums direct from your very own 'Mini-Orchard' – from as early as next summer! At just a fraction of normal prices, our "commercial grower" quality trees are supplied bare root and are ready to plant now – quickly establishing and cropping exceedingly well.
Their 'dwarf' roots restrict height, so you can pick your crops with no need for ladders! All are self-fertile, so your crops are guaranteed and all they need is a small sunny space in your garden, patio pots, or even a balcony.
In this collection you will receive:

Braeburn Apple Tree -The UK's most popular eating apple variety by far. Pick fresh from your tree by mid-October each season. 2m (6-7 ft)
'Victoria' Plum Tree AGM – Britain's best-loved and most popular award-winning garden plum variety. Sumptuous yellow-fleshed red-skinned fruits in late summer. 3.5-4m (11-12ft)
'Conference' Pear Tree AGM – Britain's best-loved and most recognised Pear fruit tree variety, Easy to grow for fresh, juicy pears in September and October. 3-3.5m (10-11ft)
'Stella' Cherry Tree AGM – If you only have space to grow one fruit tree, grow this one and get lovely blossom and sweet juicy cherries. The UK's favourite sweet cherry with bumper crops of super sweet, plump, juicy and aromatic fruit. 3m (10ft)
'Bramley' Apple tree – Considered the King of Cooking Apples by respected chefs and professional fruit growers! Bramley is a heavy cropper once established with high quality fruits that last well when stored. 2m (6-7 ft).
Peach 'Redhaven' – A peach tree that will grow and thrive in UK conditions. Self fertile with yellow-fleshed fruits, you'll be delighted with its spring blossom too. 2m (6-7 ft)
Supplied as a collection of 6 bare root trees, ready to plant.


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