Buddleia Flower Power


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tHIS magical and unique Buddleia, 'Flower Power', that has taken years of dedication from plant breeders to produce. The first hybrid Buddleia between normal types, and a yellow flowered species, it has gorgeous 'colour changing' spires of flowers, from purple to orange – and all shades in between! What a sensational colour for hot summer borders and shrubberies.
It retains the ability to attract Butterflies, hence the common name Butterfly Bush, in flower in Summer it will become a mecca for beautiful peacock and tortoishells. The bees will love it too – and repay you by pollinating crops for you!
Hardy and easy to grow, its multicoloured displays of colour and sweet scent will last all Summer long. It is more upright and less bushy than more common Buddleia, and can quite lax in some cases, so may need some support in windy spots.
Grow in well-drained borders in sunny spots for maximum Flower Power. Look forward to great Summer displays year after year.


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