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This collection of Buddleias will make a perfect addition to your summer garden. Great in mixed borders or as specimen plants in pots dotted around your patio. Enjoy the delightful fragrance and impressive flower power wherever you decide to plant them.
In this collection you will receive:
Wisteria Lane: With its honey-scented blooms and unusual weeping habit, this buddleia is a sight to behold when in bloom. Its large, pendant flowers hang like wisteria, making a truly amazing statement plant for your garden. Grows to 150cm (4.9ft) tall.
Berries & Cream: A Splendid shrub, it's an exciting new take on the traditional purple or white varieties that we're all used to seeing. With its long, arching conical summer flowerheads that grow to 20cm (8in) long covered in hundreds or tiny, yellow throated magenta-pink and white florets. Grows to 2.5m (8ft) tall.
Butterfly Tower: A breakthrough in buddleia breeding, 'Butterfly Tower' is perfectly formed, with a unique upright habit, ideal for growing in smaller spaces – so now anyone can grow this fragrant beauty. Producing a tower of mauve-purple flowers right through the summer and into autumn. Grows to 2m (6ft) tall.
Buddleias are exceptionally free flowering and are irresistible to bees and butterflies, so this collection is ideal if you are wanting to encourage more wildlife into your garden. Plus, the gorgeous flowerheads make stunning cut flowers for you to enjoy inside your home.
This fabulous collection will fill your garden with their spectacular blooms from June through to September. They are easy to grow and are very low maintenance, making these buddleias a perfect choice for beginner gardeners, just plant them somewhere sunny in well drained soil and they will thrive all summer long.
Supplied as 3 x established plants, in 12cm pots, ready to be planted out.


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