Buddleia Flower Power


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Introducing this magical and unique Buddleia, 'Flower Power', a sensational breakthrough in colour breeding that has taken years of dedication from plant breeders to produce.
The first hybrid Buddleia between normal types, and a yellow flowered species, it has gorgeous colour changing spires of blazing flowers which transition magically from orange to purple through a spectrum of vibrant shades. Relatively compact, hardy and ver easy to grow, its multicoloured displays of colour and sweet scent will last all summer long – the bees and butterflies will love it!!
Perfect for the novice gardener as it is virtually maintenence free – a quick prine in the sping i all that is needed.
The plants are supplied in 9cm pots and well established, ready to flower every year and for many more years to come. Grow in full sun, or light shade, it is not fussy about soil types, and is very winter hardy. Will reach 1.2m in 5-7 years.


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