Buddleia dav. Butterfly Tower


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A breakthrough in buddleia breeding, 'Butterfly Tower' is perfectly formed, with a unique upright habit, ideal for growing in smaller spaces – so now anyone can grow this fragrant beauty.
Producing a tower of mauve-purple flowers right through the summer and into autumn, reaching sround 2m (6ft) tall, but only 1m (3ft) across, these pretty, compact plants won't take over your garden either.
Like all buddleias, 'Butterfly Tower' is sweetly fragranced and loved by insects hence their common name of 'Butterfly Bush', and their recommendation as a plant that is 'Perfect for Pollinators' by the RHS.These dwarf buddleias are hardy and easy to grow plus their masses of brightly-coloured, fragrant flowers that will attract clouds of butterflies to your garden.
Supplied as 2 established plants in 12cm pots, ready to be planted out.


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