Tulip Triumph White


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Triumph tulips are a cross between two exceptional and successful varieties, Single Early and Darwin. The result is a range of outstanding, robust tulips in a range of fabulous colours.
The gorgeous, pure white bowl-shaped flowers look absolutely pristine above broad grey-green leaves. Beautiful when grow together for an exquisite, refreshing spring display, they don't need any help to look magnificent. However, adding cream and pastel tulips will create a wonderful glade-like atmosphere.
Triumph tulips will thrive in sun or partial shade, they are ideal in large planters or in flower borders, especially in large groups and the long, straight stems make them wonderful for cutting for indoor displays.Tulips are very easy to grow and care for and can be left in the ground after flowering as long as it's well drained, so you'll get another wonderful display the following year as they slowly naturalise and spread, or they can be dug up and stored over winter before replanting the following spring.
Supplied as 15 bulbs, size 11/12, ready to plant in autumn, growing to a height of 50 cm (20 in) and width of 15 cm (6 in).


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