Dutch Iris Mix


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Dutch Irises make a wonderful addition to the spring garden with their highly unusual flowers. Plant them in pots or borders in a sunny spot and you will reap the rewards year after year!
Ideal for indoor cut-flower displays, their unusual and striking blooms come in contrasting shades of purple, white, orange and yellow. Be sure to plant plenty so you have enough for your own vase and for giving some to friends and family!
With their straplike, grey-green leaves and sturdy stems, Dutch irises are attractive when planted in groups in beds and borders, and make a superb addition to pots.
Very hardy and easy to grow, they are the perfect plant for those with little gardening experience or anyone who wants great results with little effort.
Supplied as a pack of 100 bulbs in mixed colours, size 6/8 ready for planting out in autumn.


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