Narcissus Tête-à-Tête


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Create an outstanding Daffodil display in the spring with this collection of Narcissus Tete a Tete bulbs.Planted in the autumn, Daffodils will burst into life from February with cheery yellow flowers, right up until late in the spring.There's nothing like the sight of lemon-yellow daffodils hailing the end of the winter and the start of spring!These Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' are a real British favourite.With their distinctive flowers and sweet scent, they are a must-have for any garden and have been for hundreds of years.Plant them in pots, containers or straight in the ground this autumn for a fantastic display next spring! Known as 'miniature daffodils', narcissus are brilliant planted en masse in pots.Fully deserving its coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit, you can be sure that this is a proven garden performer, guaranteed to be suitable for UK gardeners at every level of experience. You can therefore plant this in the garden with confidence, for stunning displays for many years to come.Tete a Tete will produces masses of pretty, golden-yellow flowers and vigorous and strong, they'll come back year after year.Supplied as a collection of 100 bulbs 8/10, ready for immediate planting.


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