Tulip Curly Sue


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Of the fifteen groups of tulips, the fringed group is without doubt one of the most extravagant. Officially called Group 7, they are relatively new but have quickly become popular because of their highly ornamental appearance.
'Curly Sue' is an outstanding example with its wonderfully rich purple flowers that have a deep aubergine fringe around the edge of each petal. The flowers are set off to perfection by broad, sword shaped greyish-green leaves. Very showy and flamboyant, and utterly irresistible!
Planted in groups, 'Curly Sue' makes an extravagant display, and you'll definitely want to collect more fringed tulips after enjoying this one. Try mixing it up with bright orange varieties for a vibrant spring display. They will happily grow in patio pots and planters as well as in borders in sunshine or partial shade, and like all tulips, they're wonderful cut flowers – those fringes will be a real talking point.
Tulips are very easy to grow and care for and can be left in the ground after flowering as long as it's well drained, so you'll get another wonderful display the following, or they can be dug up and stored over winter before replanting the following spring.
Supplied as 12 bulbs, size 10/11, ready to plant in autumn, growing to a height of 45 cm (18 in) and width of 15 cm (6 in).


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