Tulip Rembrandt Mix


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Superb tulip mix in a rainbow mix of bold, flame-like colours. Equally at home in borders and patio pots.'Rembrandts' are an old-fashioned style of tulip, which were very much in vogue at the time that the tulip trade was at its height. Each variety in this stunning blend has bold, streaked petals in fantastic bicolours, together offering all the hues of a painter's palette.Growing to 50cm tall, they bloom througout May, giving stunning displays  - and they make lovely cut flowers, too. Plant in groups of 10 or so bulbs in a sunny spot for best performance and maximum visual impact. They combine well with blues and purples, which will highlight their fiery colours.Easy to grow, the colours are the result of genetic variation and not, as often believed, the result of virus - although this would certainly have been the case in the 17th and 18th centuries, when 'bulb mania' gripped Holland.Tulips prefer a position where they can be baked in the summer sun to help ripen the bulbs for next season's display.Delivered as a pack of 25 professional-quality bulbs for  immediate planting in the autumn.


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