Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato


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Juicy, ripe tomatoes picked straight from the plant are a luxury that everyone must experience, and these tumbling toms can be enjoyed by anyone whatever space they have.
Not only are they incredibly easy to grow, they're also ideal in a hanging basket, window box, or pot in a sunny, sheltered spot where they'll look great trailing over the edges.
Growing tomatoes is easy and incredibly rewarding – make salads and chutneys, or of course eat them fresh. 'Tumbling Tom Yellow' is the ideal variety to get started growing your own tomatoes – so easy in hanging baskets, tubs, planters and even window boxes, you will get hundreds of small cherry tomatoes in summer. Kids love growing them too (and of course eating them), and this is a great way to start a life-long interest in gardening. 
Trailing tomatoes are self-branching, so other than pinching the tip out when you plant them up, there is no need to do anything else to them, unlike other tomato varieties – so they're ideal to grow if you're not a confident gardener.
Tumbling Tom produces massive crops of firm, round fruit all summer long – each one packed with sweet, delicious juice. Perfect fresh and in salads.


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