Candy Cane Sorrel (Oxalis versicolour)


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This native of South Africa is simply beautiful! You will see the raspberry ripple coloured, funnel shaped flowers appear soon after planting from November onwards. Perfect for the front of pots or borders.
Grow them on pots on your decking, balconies or terraces – they really are a joy to behold and the flowers will make your garden a talking point! They're really easy to grow, and being so exotic looking, your friends and family will truly thing you are blessed with green fingers!
Stunning when in full bloom, the flowers are even more striking when in bud, when the flowers are marked with vivid crimson-pink stripes, hence its more common name, the Candy Cane Sorrel. This delightful little plant is something uniquely special, with its bright white, funnel-shaped flowers edged with colour.
Even when not in flower, this striped oxalis will continue to delight with its mound of green leaves which forms in spring, adding subtle texture and colour to your garden.
Supplied as a pack of 10 bulbs, ready to be planted out in autumn.


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