Tulip Canasta


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Tulip 'Canasta' shows off its frilly petals with contrasting flower colour that starts red at the base, and gradually fades through to pink at the top of the petal, then edges in white. These white frills really add an accent to an already striking spring flower!
Like the other fringed tulips, these are one of the longest lasting of all the tulips. Their short and compact large red flowers will thrive in borders and pots and will also look stunning when cut and brought indoors to create beautiful vase displays.
Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers as they're so easy to grow and care for but give maximum impact for minimum effort. They can be can be left in the ground after flowering as long as it's well drained, so you'll get another wonderful display the following year as they slowly naturalise and spread, or they can be dug up and stored over winter before replanting the following autumn.
Supplied as a pack of 12 bulbs, size 10/11 ready to plant in autumn growing to a height of 40cm and width of 10cm.


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