Plant o Mat – Chives and Wood Sorrel


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The easiest way to grow bulbs for excellent results!
This salad 'Bulb Pod' will be delivered with your bulbs in-situ and in their ideal spacing so you will get perfectly planted bulbs! Simply dig a 24cm (10in) diameter planting hole in your garden, or a pot, drop the entire 'Bulb Pod' in, cover with compost or soil, water and wait for great results.
The totally biodegradable 'Bulb Pod', will itself disappear with a few weeks from planting, leaving the bulbs in the perfect planting design and you'll get tasty chives and wood sorrel for your salads and purple and pink flowers too, tasty but great if just left to flower!
Supplied as a round bulb pod, 24cm (10in) in diameter containing 19 premium quality bulbs, including:
Wood Sorrel 'Iron Cross' (12 bulbs) – makes an excellent garnish, and the clover-like leaves and pink flowers are all edible, with a tangy, citrussy flavour.
Chives (7 bulbs) – a classic addition to salads and cooking, with their mild onion taste, the stems and the purple flowers are edible.


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