Dianthus Baby Doris


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Brand new for 2022, Dianthus 'Baby Doris' is a stunning variety new variety of hardy Garden Pinks that add gorgeous colour and delicious fragrance to your floral displays all summer long.
'Baby Doris' is perfect for planting in your patio pots and containers where they will burst into life as early as April and last all the way through to September. Producing beautiful pink blooms with dark centres that have a beautiful fragrance that will fill your garden. Make sure you position them near a door or window so you can enjoy their perfume from indoors too.
This compact selection, named after the ever-popular 70 year old variety 'Doris', will add bursts of bright pink all around your garden, as each richly coloured blooms is held on a sturdy stem above neat silvery-green foliage. Instantly recognisable, Dianthus are one of the hardest working and reliable plants that you can get, producing masses of fragrant ruffled double-flowers. Blooming reliably all summer, 'Baby Doris' will fill your garden with vibrant colour and their sweet clove-like scent on warm evenings.
Supplied as 12 x plug plants, ready to grow on before planting out.


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