Scilla campanulata (Spanish bluebell)


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Scilla campanulata Blue, better known as the Spanish bluebell, is a long-standing favourite that will strike a cheerful note in your garden in spring. It produces clumps of lavender-blue, bell-shaped flowers, each with a centre of pretty blue anthers and a darker hue to the petal spines.
Flowers grow around the whole stems, which are tubular and upright. Blooming in April and into May, these hardy bulbs can create an enchanting carpet of nodding blue flowers when naturalised in drifts through grassy or wooded areas. They are equally effective as underplanting for hedges or shrubs, or for adding interest to borders before summer interest appears. Scilla campanulata Blue is also ideal for growing in containers and makes a beautiful cut flower.
Fully hardy, resilient and easy to grow, the bulbs form clumps with a height and spread of up to 45cm. By early to mid-summer, the foliage dies back and the plants lie dormant through autumn and winter, re-emerging the following spring in ever-greater numbers. The clumps produce small offsets, which can be divided and replanted in the summer to encourage a wider spread or for populating new areas.
Best planted in groups, combine your Scilla campanulata Blue with bright yellow daffodils for a wonderful contrast.
Supplied as a pack of 20 bulbs, size 6/7 ready for planting in autumn.


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