Camassia leichtlinii Collection (Wild Hyacinth)


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Camassias (Wild hyacinths) are one of the easiest, simple to look after bulbs you can grow, thriving in poor soils that other bulbs tend to struggle in.
Extremely hardy, this perennial bulb returns year after year, with bigger and better displays and can be successfully naturalised in grass.
In late spring, loose spikes of stunning white and violet-blue, star-shaped flowers appear on top of tall stems and are the perfect to compliment tulips. As they flower before many perennials are in bloom, Camassias will add an invaluable splash of colour to your garden.
Perfect for sun or light shade, they're also good in containers and as cut flowers, so you can grow and enjoy them even without a garden.
Supplied as a pack of 6 bulbs, size 12/14 ready for planting out in autumn.


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