Early Brassica Collection


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A superb selection of the best brassicas for you to grow in your own garden to give you a delicious harvest of fresh and healthy greens including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. All easy to grow, and little beats the satisfaction of growing your own tasty, succulent vegetables.
You'll receive 8 plug plants of each, ready to pot on or plant out:
Broccoli 'Marathon' an outstanding broccoli that will produce a reliable crop of densely packed heads from late summer right through autumn, with fine grained clusters of deep bluish-green buds of up to 15cm (6in) diameter on thick yet tender stems above rich green leaves that are just as good to eat. Great raw for salads or dips, or steamed, boiled or stir-fried. Reaching 90cm x 60cm.
Cauliflower 'Clapton' awarded an RHS Award of Garden Merit, this is a versatile cauliflower variety maturing from late summer to early autumn with large, solid white heads that have an excellent flavour. 'Clapton' is vigorous and robust and the first cauliflower to be resistant to clubroot, a major breakthrough. Growing to 45cm x 60cm.
Cabbage 'Caraflex' a superb pointed cabbage with leaves packed full of goodness, with those closest to the heart being particularly nutritious. Ready to harvest from June, 'Caralex' produces small, tender, crunchy heads with a mild flavour that's much sweeter than most cabbages and has earned it the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Growing to a height and spread of 30cm.


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