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This Wooden Garden Caddy is a great portable planter for growing herbs, or anything else, both indoors and outside. Perfect for when you want to grab a handful or fresh oregano or snip off some aromatic sprigs of thyme!
Oregano is widely used in Italian cooking, especially chopped into pasta sauces and on pizzas where its refreshing, zesty flavour gives a real depth of flavour, and it's great for making pesto too. Thyme can be used in bunches to flavour roasting meats, especially chicken, and the leaves are popular in seasoning and in stuffing. It's also superb for enhancing tomato dishes as well as fish and in soups.
Both these herbs are full of antioxidants and vitamin C and, like many herbs, have numerous health benefits, so add them freely to your recipes to give them a delicious, tasty lift. Use them fresh or dry them so that they're always handy.
Everything you need to grow these evergreen, perennial herbs is in the caddy, so you're ready to grow straight away, and it's a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to use the freshest ingredients in their cooking. Grow on a sunny windowsill or a bright spot outdoors.
Supplied as a wooden planter with compost and seeds. The plants will from to a height and spread of around 40 cm (18 in).


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