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Grafted tomatoes have really transformed growing big crops of tasty, juicy and fresh tomatoes outdoors in the UK, in the last few years. The new technique mirrors that used in fruit trees for generations – splice or graft a variety onto a strong, disease resistant rootstock, and get the best of both.
Skilfully grafted using the latest techniques, there are so many benefits to grafted plants, one of the key reasons is each plant can produce up to 75% more fruit, with more fruiting trusses per plant! These will fruit earlier and longer, and the yield per plant is much greater than ordinary tomatoes! They just seem to keep on going well into the Autumn, and don't run out of steam like some do.
Excellent resistance to pests and disease, make Grafted Tomatoes so easy to grow even if you have no experience, these will thrive to produce you with an abundance of fresh, tasty tomatoes! Superb for growing outside, no greenhouse heating is required! They can also be grown in pots perfect for small gardens, patios, or balconies!
We have tried and tested over 3 years in our gardens and they really do massively out-perform seed-raised varieties.
This collection features top quality, nursery-fresh tomato plants, at a fantastic price, and you will get 1 each of a cherry, traditional and beefsteak tomato. Join the tomato revolution.


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