Corylus avellana Webbs Cobnut 60/100 3L


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A reliable, heavy-bearing variety of cobnut, Webbs produces large clusters of gorgeously sweet nuts – a good tree can produce 18kg (40lb) of cobbs – perfect for eating fresh or allowing to ripen fully.
A fairly new introduction, Webbs Cobnut is an improvement on the old favourite Kentish Cobb with slightly longer nuts and a short husk, and with its showy spring catkins, superb golden-yellow autumn leaves and warm-brown nuts, it's a really first-class addition to your garden.
Cobnuts are slightly different to hazelnuts in that the cobnut has a short husk (the leafy casing to the nut), whereas the husk of the hazelnut is long and covers the nut, and the Cobnuts are ready to pick before the leaves change colour, around September. The brown cobnuts will be nestled in a lighter green husk and the time to harvest is when those husks turn yellow – before the squirrels can beat you to the crop!
Easy to grow and care for, Webb's Cobnut tolerates most soils, as long as they're not waterlogged, and performs particularly well in poor, well-drained sandy loams. Plant this tree in a sheltered location, in full sun or dappled shade.
where this tough and robust cultivar will tolerate both cold and wet conditions – a good choice for northern gardens!Cobnuts are partially self-fertile, but best grown in groups for a larger crop so why not consider a cobnut hedge as un unusual, colourful and highly productive feature.
Supplied as a well-established young tree in a 3L pot.


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