Citrus Grove Collection, Orange, Lemon and Lime


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Grow your own delicious citrus fruit right here in the UK with this easy-grow Orange, Lemon and Lime Tree Collection.
Mature plants will produce delicious fruits, and are winter hardy to -5C – that's right this trio of Orange, Lemon and Lime trees will grow and fruit perfectly in the UK!
The sweetly-perfumed white flowers contrast beautifully against the deep green citrus-fragranced foliage, and the fruits smell simply divine – plus they're packed full of vitamin C, they're delicious and good for you too!
Your trees arrive as young plants, 20-30cm tall including their 9cm pots, and are ready to grow on, making them a great value way to get your hands on these superb citrus plants.
You'll receive 1 each of the following:
Lemon 'Citron' – Hardy down to -5°C! – Sweetly scented blossom in late spring. – Full-size fruit from August onwards. – Perfect for drinks and cooking.
Orange 'Calamondin', also known as 'Panama Orange'. – Hardy down to -5°C! – An attractive dwarf orange, a cross of the tangy kumquat and more familiar zesty tangerine. – Packed full of vitamin C. Height to 150cm (60in).
Lime – this attractive green citrus produces characteristic green fruits and fragrant white blossom. Tolerant of temperatures down to 5°C, it will definitely need winter protection.
Grown from cuttings, these Citrus plants are reliable and will produce fruit.


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