Blood Orange Citrus


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Pick your very own delicious fresh blood oranges and add a Mediterranean feel to your home or garden! This variety is Citrus x aurantium 'Sanguinelli' and it's absolutely packed full of vitamin C so these fruits are not only delicious, but good for you as well! The segments of this lovely variety are straked with deep red anthocyanin pigment and conatin high levels of anti-oxidants, they are among the finest tasting oranges of all! The peel is also suffused with an attractive ruddy glow. Use your fruits in everything from freshly squeezed juices, to yummy desserts, and save tons of money on supermarket prices! Not only that, this superb tree will produce highly fragrant, white blossom during late spring and early summer. Wonderfully sweet, blood oranges will be ready for you to pick from October each year.
To ensure youll be picking delicious fruit year after year, we advise you keep your trees in their pots, and place in a sunny, sheltered position. Hardy to -5°C, provide protection from severe frost during the winter time either by bringing indoors into a conservatory, or by covering with a plant cosy.
Supplied as an established plant in a 6L pot, approx. 100cm tall, growing to a height of 2m (6½ft) and spread of 1.5m (5ft).


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