Caribbean Lily Scilla peruviana


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Why not grow something unusual this year and give the Cuban Lily a chance to wow in your garden.
Also known as the Portuguese Squill, Scilla peruviana is a glamorous Mediterranean bulb which is a firm favourite in the herbaceous borders of grand estates and gardens.
This is an absolute show-stopper that will bring a touch of class to your own garden, whether in borders or on your decking or balcony in a favourite container.
Looking much like a cross between a hyacinth and an allium, this bulbous perennial grows to 30cm tall, forming a rosette of narrowly lance-shaped dark green leaves which are semi evergreen, especially if winters are mild. The bulbs usually lose their foliage for a few months during the summer and then sprout new leaves in the autumn which last through winter and spring as long as the winter is on the mild side.
The eye-catching, violet-blue flowers are of course the main attraction, each being a 1.5cm wide star, and carried in large, conical heads in early summer – perfect for bringing colour to beds, borders and patio pots when tulips have faded, and perennials are still gearing up.
Supplied as 3 bulbs, size 16/18 ready to plant out in autumn. They will ideally be planted in well-drained soil, in full sun or partial shade.


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