Buddleia weyeriana Sungold


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A totally new colour of the much loved 'Butterfly Bush'! This intoxicatingly fragrant beauty is incredibly easy to grow, totally hardy and will illuminate any sunny corner of your garden.
When in bloom during the early summer, its arching panicles will attract masses of butterflies and friendly pollinators, offering a safe haven for them to feast on nectar and collect pollen.
With its grey-green leaves, 'Sungold' lights up dull areas of the garden, bringing vibrancy and scent which can't be underestimated – it's one of those plants which grabs your attention as you walk past it, providing a feast for your senses.
This is a different species to the more familar blue buddleias and flowers on one year old wood, It should be pruned to shape after flowering allowing new growth to appear in late summer. This is the growth that will bear blooms the following year.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to palnt out.


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