Tulip Queen of Night


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One of the most popular dark-coloured Tulip, 'Queen of Night' makes a striking appearance in the garden with its deep-purple, almost black, velvety blooms.
Tulips are a popular bulb choice for spring colour but why not try something a little different and create a stunning feature border that will stand out amongst the crowd in your garden?
The dark-purple, traditional tulip cup-shaped blooms are set against a wonderful glossy green backdrop that will look fantastic used to fill up borders but will look just as spectacular in pots and containers placed on patios, pathways and around entrances.
Easy to care for and great for cutting and bringing indoors, Tulip 'Queen of Night' is a spectacular spring flowering bulb that will really add an intense flavour to your garden.
Supplied as a pack of 30 bulbs, size 10/11 ready for planting out in autumn.


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