Tulip viridiflora Mix


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A mixture of bicoloured tulips, this collection of traditional types will set your garden awash with colour in spring and is perfect if clean, simple blooms are what you want.
'Viridiflora' Tulips have vase-shaped flowers with pointed petals and broad, strappy leaves. Each bloom is marked with green through the midrib, which serves to highlight the colour of the flower beautifully and is colourful enough to brighten even the dullest area of your garden.
Strong stems make these tulips perfect for cutting and they make fabulous, long lasting flowers look great when brought into your home.
Plant them in any well-drained soil in a sunny position your garden and then as soon as Aprilarrives, your spring garden will be full of gorgeous colour.
Supplied as a pack of 25 bulbs, size 10/11 ready for planting in autumn. Growing to a height of approx. 45cm.


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