Trio Fruit Tree Apple/Cherry/Pear


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This incredible feat of expert grafting has produced a single tree that carries three entirely different fruits! Perfect if you're short on space, it means that you can grow a range of delicious fruit in a container on the patio if you don't have the garden space for it, with both spring blossom and fruit.
'Elstar' Apple is a versatile variety that is delicious and juicy eaten straight from the tree, this apple's honeyed sweetness balanced with slight acidity means it is also a great for cooking – superb in cakes, desserts and apple sauce! Producing medium-sized dessert apples, 'Elstar' are bursting with juicy flavour, ready from October to December.
'Sunburst Cherry' is an excellent early all round garden variety. Its glossy, sweetly flavoured, dark-skinned, plump and juicy aromatic fruits will be ready to pick from mid July, a little earlier than most other varieties.
'Conference' Pear The most popular pear in Britain because of its outstanding flavour, producing a large crop of fruits with clear white flesh that are ready to pick each September. The long, tapering pears are packed with an irresistible sweetness.
Supplied in a 31cm pot, ready to plant.


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