Sweet Cherry Bigarreau Napoleon Tree


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This delightful cherry variety not only tastes sensational, it will look spectacular in your garden, wherever you plant it.
Once the gorgeous spring blossom has faded away, 'Bigarreau Napoleon's' very large, slightly elongated fruits ripen to a warm, golden colour, blushed with deep, cherry-red, providing a beautiful contrast with the lush green foliage in mid-summer.
When you pick one of these cherries from your own tree and pop it into your mouth, a rich sweetness will explode from the creamy flesh – simply tantalising for the tastebuds! The flavour is sweet but not as sugary as dark sweet cherries such as 'Stella'. They taste so divine that you will want to pick the whole lot and eat them straight away – so it is a good job it is such a heavy cropper!
Growing your own cherries at home is not only deeply rewarding, it will also save you an absolute fortune compared with supermarket prices. And, of course they taste so much better!


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