Tomato Moneymaker


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An extremely popular variety of tomato, 'Moneymaker' is a favourite amongst home-grower's, producing heavy crops delicious, bright red, medium-sized fruits.
A cordon variety, it will fruit most prolifically when side shoots are pinched out to encourage an upright central stem that requires a support. Each plant will then produce a succession of fruit-laden trusses that ripen from July to October providing a continuous crop. Easy to grow and with excellent disease resistance, they can be grown in either an unheated greenhouse or outdoors. 'Money Maker' is a great variety to grow and is very popular thanks to its heavy cropping, delicious flavour and uniformed fruits, a great choice for adding to salads, sandwiches, and sauces.
Supplied as 6 x plug plants, ready to grow on before planting out. Reaching a height of 2m and spread of 50cm.


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