Sweet Potato Growing Kit


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This is the perfect way to grow your own Sweet Potatoes at home – no back-breaking digging required!
One of the most versatile vegetables, sweet potatoes have become exceedingly popular over the last decade thanks to their delicious flavour, ease of cooking and all the new and unique ways to create a storm in the kitchen – with a healthier twist on a normal white potato!
With extra dietary fiber in a sweet potato compared to a normal potato, many of us are adding more and more sweet potato into our diets, and it's so easy to do. From typical mashing, boiling or baking, to chips, soups, curries and stews, there are so many wonderful dishes that are so easy to make – so why not grow your own supply and save yourself some pennies on expensive supermarket prices?
This collection includes two vitamin-rich varieties, a purple and a red skin, that when grown by your own fair hands will add something a little special to your dishes.
Included in this collection;
Erato Orange – a typical orange-fleshed, red-skinned potatoErato White – a slightly more unusual looking white fleshed, purple skinned sweet potato
Grow in hot conditions, preferably in a greenhouse or conservatory. Perfect for growing in pots, they'll grow to a maximum of approx. 30cm tall and with regular watering, the vigorous plants will develop large tubers in the summer and will be ready for harvest from September through to October. The tubers can even be harvested in the autumn and stored until you want to use them.
The heavy duty, 30-litre pots can be used year after year.
Supplied as a collection of 6 plug plants; 3 of each variety Erato Orange and Erato White. Includes 2 Heavy Duty 30 Litre Pots.


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