Thunbergia Sunny Mixed


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A collection of colourful climbers and something a little different, these Thunbergia are African natives that will happily grow in the UK.
Also know as the black-eyed Susan vine, Thunbergia can be grown as a climber trained up a wall or trellis, or in hanging baskets. Either way, the 2m long stems covered in deep green, heart shaped foliage and exotic, brightly coloured flowers throughout summer and autumn will look incredible in your garden.
Thunbergia is a tender perennial that's usually grown as an annual in the UK. However, it can be overwintered in a greenhouse or conservatory when outdoor temperatures drop below 5°C (40°F).
Fast growing, it'll produce an abundance of vivid pink, apricot, yellow and orange flowers, all with contrasting dark centres that will quickly climb by twining up a support or fill hanging baskets, cascading over the sides for month after month.
Supplied as 6 plug plants, ready to grow on before planting out. Reaching a height of 2m (6½ft) and spreading 1m (3ft). You'll receive 3 x pink, and 1 each of apricot, yellow and orange.


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