Sibleys Patio Quince


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We've unearthed a little gem here for you - the perfect patio fruit tree for smaller gardens. In fact, its breeder, renowned British fruit grower Will Sibley, thinks it's the best patio fruit tree you can grow.
Quinces have fallen out of favour - and perhaps out of flavour, too. Yet their sweet fruit make great jellies, jams and sauces, and they have the most beautiful pink blossom. Hardy and self-fertile, it really is an easy winner.
This superb quince is destined to stay small, so works well in a big pot on the patio or terrace. The variety itself is naturally compact, and has been grafted onto a very dwarfing rootstock. Will found this little gem in the former Soviet Union!
After 3 low-maintenance years, you should get up to 50 tennis ball-sized, sweet yellow fruit each summer, so dig out those traditional recipes and enjoy old-fashioned quinces once again.


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