Sibleys Patio Medlar tree


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We have unearthed something really different for you here- a most unusual patio fruit tree that is perfectf or smaller gardens. It's breeder, renowned British fruit grower Will Sibley, has been working on new and n ovel fruit trees for the British home gardener for years, and this is one of his latest discoveries.
Medlars have been somewhat overlooked in the rush to grow fruit in the home garden. Yet their most unusual-looking fruit make great jellies, jams and sauces, and they have the most beautiful pure white blossom and attractive leathery green leaves in summer, too. Hardy and self-fertile, this variety is an easy winner.
'Sibley's Patio Medlar'is destined to stay small, so works well in a big pot on the patio or terrace, but make sure you water well in summer. It will also grow well in fertile garden soil in a sunny spot. The variety itself is naturally compact, and has been grafted onto a very dwarfing pear rootstock, so it will stay a manageable size and crop well for many years to come.
After 4 low years, you should get up to 30 fruit each autumn. Medlars are not great eaten fresh from the tree. Leave on the tree as long as possible in November, but pick before the first frosts. Store for 2-3 weeks so the flesh softens brown, which is when they will be at their best to eat. Alternatively, they can be cooked straight after picking from the tree.


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