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One of best red-skinned shallots available, 'Red Sun' is renowned for its superior flavour, high yields and good storage quality after harvesting. The rotund, slightly elongated bulbs have firm orange-brown skins with flushes of burgundy beneath, and solid, juicy white centres.
Shallots generally have a milder, more subtle flavour than onions, and 'Red Sun' is no exception. Its mellow yet slightly spicy taste, along with its superbly crisp texture, means it is perfect for eating raw in salads and sandwiches and is an ideal candidate for pickling. Use in stews and other savoury dishes in place of onions for an interesting twist – add them whole to your cooking for that extra flavoursome 'bite' to your cooking.
Easy and rewarding to grow, shallots will thrive in most garden soils when planted in a sunny position. Shallots grown from sets will mature faster, be more vigorous and produce more plentiful crops than those raised from seed. The bulbs will swell and divide through spring and summer, giving as many as 6 or 8 new bulbs from each set to harvest from July to September. The green foliage is also tasty in summer salads, but use sparingly to make sure of the best bulb harvest!
Supplied as 15 sets of planting bulbs. Ideally plant them as early as you can from February to April for cropping from mid-summer to early autumn. After lifting, clean and dry them, and store them in a cool, dry place indoors for using when needed; they will keep well and often last through to spring.


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