Red Leaf Peach Rubira


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This new garden peach tree really has it all - giving interest from early spring through to autumn and the promise of a crop of juicy peaches!
In early spring, the blossom appears, and the bright-pink, saucer-shaped blooms are produced in abundance. Their display is every bit as good as the best ornamental cherries and are a magnet for bees and other friendly insects. Then, as the blossom fades, the foliage appears - each elongated, slender leaf taking on a bronzy hue as it unfolds, offering a lovely contrast to the more familiar greens in the garden.
Over the summer, the fruits enlarge and ripen until they're ready to pick in late August. Peaches are deep red when ripe, with sweet yellow flesh.
For best results grow in a large pot in a sunny spot in the garden - an ideal spot perhaps being against a south-facing wall. While 'Rubira' is fully hardy in the UK climate, it is best protected from rain during the winter months as this helps avoid leaf diseases. If possible, move under cover, such as to a porch or greenhouse. Alternatively, cover with a tent fashioned from garden polythene. This spectacular tree with delicious fruit is worth the effort!


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