Nectarine Flavour Top


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Now, through using the right varieties, you can grow fresh Nectarines here in the UK too. 'Flavour Top' is a large frutiing variety and slow growing, suited to smaller gardens and large pots, it will only reach 7-8ft in 10 years or so.
We suggest growing in a pot, as it can be moved indoors in Spring to avoid peach leaf-curl by keeping the foliage dry, and also you can then let it develop over the Summer where the fruits can be seen and easily picked too.
It is self-fertile, and a heavy cropper - producing fruit in the first two or three years, with bigger crops in years 5 onwards. Some people report such heavy crops they need to thin the fruitlets down! It produces classic  red fruits, very juicy, that easily leave the stone when eaten. Nectarine 'Flavour Top' really is hard to fault.


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