Punica granatum Maxima Rubra


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A highly attractive feature tree, Pomegranates are well-known, although not as widely grown in our gardens as they should be.
With deep green foliage and bright orange flowers in summer, your pomegranate will look great for years to come, with its shiny fruits ripening in the sun and providing a beautiful contrast to its leaves.
A tough, deciduous shrub, Pomegranate 'Maxima Rubra' is completely hardy when established, and will easily tolerate our British winters, down to -8ºC. For best results, grow in a warm and sunny aspect in a pot where it can be moved around as necessary before planting out when its trunk has thicker wood.
Pomegranates are super-healthy and packed with antioxidants – the fruits can be used in cooking sweet or savoury dishes and taste great when made into refreshing, fragrant pomegranate juice!
Plants like a rich soil with plenty of grit and gravel for good drainage. Although drought-tolerant when established, do keep your plant well-watered and it will flower throughout the summer.
Pomegranate bushes love hot summers and your bush will thrive in a sunny spot in the shelter of a building or ideally up against a stone or brick wall that will radiate heat back to the plant, helping to ripen the fruit and protect it from any extreme winter weather.
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting straight out. Will reach 2-3m tall in 10 years.


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