Complete Tree Planting Kit


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Now includes Roots Boost mycorrhizal granules for better root establishment, worth 3.99.
Protect your investment in fruit trees, with our high-quality, easy-to-use and low-cost tree planting kit.
Comprising 3 treated and tanalised softwood support stakes, each 1.2m long x 3.2cm across, and 3 super-soft 38cm long rubber tree ties, to firmly hold the tree trunks in place while the root system establishes.
In addition, we are including a FREE 60g sachet of Roots Boost Mycorrhizal granules, containing millions of beneficial fungi, which will colonise the roots of your newly planted trees, giving better and quicker establishment, reducing losses and making trees more drought tolerant in dry summers. Each sachet can treat 3-4 trees.
The perfect way to give your Orchard Fruit Tree Collection the best start possible!


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