Pre-planted Sempervivum Log


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Sempervivums, the iconic houseleek, are once again working their magic and are making a welcome return to our gardens, as people realise that they are a real easy-to-grow and keep plant.
They really are fascinating, low-maintenance perennials and come in range of colours. Also known as hen and chicks because the freely produced offsets gather around the mother plant in much the same way as chicks around a mother hen.
Houseleeks form rosettes of colourful, fleshy leaves and are low growing, making them extremely popular as a living carpet of green and the perfect candidate for making into displays – hence why they were so popular in landscaping in the 70's.
These succulent plants are winter-hardy, drought-tolerant and will take a roothold in the narrowest of cracks – hence their common name, as they were once used to plug gaps in leaking roofs.
As a bonus during the summer, the mature rosettes throw out spikes topped with star shaped flowers which insects love, plus they produce offsets, or new plants, every season that are simple to separate and grow as new specimens.
Really easy to grow and a favourite with kids, Sempervivums require a well-drained soil in full sun, tolerating drought when established.  Here, we've preplanted a concrete 'log' with a selection of types to give you an instant display.
Supplied as a collection of 4 plants in a 36cm concrete log. Please note that varieties may change throughout the year, depending on availability.


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