Cordyline Pink Passion


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Possibly the brightest and most dazzling cordyline that you'll ever see, 'Pink Passion' is a new and exciting colour variation that will create a wonderfully exotic effect in your garden borders or pots.
Perfect for adding a modern twist to any patio, terrace or balcony display, this stunning cordyline plant will provide instant impact in even the most compact of spaces with its arching, red and purple leaves edged with shocking pink.
A breeding breakthrough not only in colour but also habit, Cordyline 'Pink Passion' reaches just 1m (3ft) before it sends up new leaves from its base, and because it's compact, it is great for a pot in the smallest of spaces!
Evergreen and hardy to -6°C, this pink cordyline will look fantastic all year round, adding colour to your garden when all else begins to fade. To be absolutely sure of surviving the harshest of winter weathers, we do suggest using frost protection fleeces or wrapping, or moving container-grown plants into a garage or porch during extreme cold conditions.
Supplied as an established plant in a 17cm pot, repot your cordyline right away into a larger, decorative planter and place by a doorway or gateway, or on the patio or decking for an instant show-stopping display.


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