Plum The Czar


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'Czar's' pretty, dark-blue fruits look wonderful as they ripen on the tree in August each year, following its attractive and fragrant white blossom, providing a wonderful spectacle throughout spring and summer.
The delicious fruits have a brilliant acidic sharpness when picked early, so they are perfect for cooking plum puddings or jam - making 'Czar' one of the most popular cooking varieties around.
Wait a bit longer, though, and the fruits turn a deep, rich, almost black colour as they mature, softening in flavour and gaining a wonderful sweetness that will delight your tastebuds as you bite into the juicy, yellow-green flesh. They are simply wonderful eaten straight from the tree.
'Czar' is a rewarding tree to grow in your garden and will save you a fortune compared to supermarket plum prices. This self-fertile tree has a long life - so will supply you with delicious fruit for many years to come.


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