Plum Oullins Golden Gage Tree


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Originally grown in France in the mid-19th century, and often known by it's French name 'Reine Clauide d'Oullins', the 'Oullin's Golden Gage' is a great, self-fertile, garden variety for anyone to grow.
It prefers warmer weather than apples or pears, so will fruit later in the year, producing its attractive, golden-yellow, red-specked fruits in abundance in late summer. Very much sweeter and juicier than typical plums, it is a real sweet treat plucked fresh from the tree.
There is no greater pleasure than picking a plump, juicy plum straight from your own tree and popping it straight into your mouth! The firm, aromatic flesh is packed full of sweet fruitiness and the juice will delight your tastebuds! If you can resist eating them all, these versatile fruits are perfect for use in cooking, and will freeze well for using later.


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