Plum Jubilee


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Compared by many to be an improvement on the UK's favourite plum, this superb variety makes a tasty alternative to Victoria (with the potential to become the finest plum available to UK home gardeners), producing juicy fruits that are bigger, better and tastier.
Self-fertile and easy to grow, 'Jubilee' (sometimes known as 'Jubileum' ) produces sweet, oval plums that are perfect for eating straight from the tree, with a firm yellow flesh and blushed-red skin that is slightly darker than Victoria – and up to 2 weeks earlier.
A truly versatile fruit, their texture makes them ideal as a dessert plum for cooking and preserving too, so you can enjoy a scrumptious plum pie at any time of the year!
Supplied as an established plant, 90-110cm tall in a 5L pot ready for immediate planting. Flowers April-May, with fruit July-September. Eventual height 2.5m x 2.5m width.


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