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If you love pears but only have room for one fruit tree, here is the perfect solution, as this tree has three different varieties growing on the same plant. It's not a freak of nature but the result of skilful grafting work by expert nurserymen who have grafted 2 additional varieties onto another pear tree. By careful selection of varieties you can be sure all three parts of the tree will grow in harmony and the fruits will ripen at their natural time, giving a succession of tasty fruits across a much wider cropping window than if just one variety were grown. No need to worry about pollination either, as the three varieties on the tree will pollinate each other!
Your Family pear tree will thrive in a sunny border and, far from being just a curiosity, will mature into a highly productive tree. You can expect the first crop as soon as the year after planting. This is also the perfect fruit tree for a large pot on the patio.
The main tree is Williams – a classic English pear with meltingly juicy flesh that is ready in mid-September. Onto this have been grafted:
Conference - the perfect all-rounder. Elongated fruit are ready to pick in October for ripening through autumn.  Deliciously sweet when ripe, they are also the perfect cooking pear.
Abbe Fetel - not a familar name perhaps, but widely seen in shops, imported from Italy, where it is the favourite variety. It gives medium-sized pears with an aromatic, honeyed sweetness. Pick in October. Keep cool and bring the fruits in to ripen as needed through to Christmas.
Supplied as a Three Variety Family Pear Tree, in a 5L pot, approx. 130cm tall including pot.


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