Pea Sugarsnap Zuccola


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Grow your own delicious mangetout with this superb new variety. 'Zuccola' produces heavy crops of small, firm pods that grow to 9cm long and contain eight or nine peas each.
Wonderfully sweet and crisp, this is an outstanding sugarsnap, especially eaten young when picked fresh, straight from the plant so that you really enjoy the sweetness and the 'snap' when you bite into them. They also perfect for steaming and adding to stir fries, retaining their crispness and adding scrumptious crunchy texture to your cooking.
Easy to grow and cropping over a long season from June to September, all you need to so is support the plants with twigs or sticks to help keep the pods off the ground. 'Zuccola' has excellent resistance to mildew, which can damage crops pea crops, especially later in the season.
Supplied as 6 plug plants, ready to plant when the risk of frost has passed, growing to 75cm (2½ft) tall.


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