Patio Raspberry Ruby Beauty


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We are really excited to introduce the new breeding sensation in the world of raspberries and patio fruit growing at home.
Previously voted a New Plant Introduction at the prestigious GLEE Trade Fair, 'Ruby Beauty' is a new concept rapsberry variety – it is unique in that it produces masses of short branched canes that reach no more than 1m (3ft 3in), with the added bonus of being thornless. This thick clump of canes produces heavy crops of up to 1.5kg per plant on established plants in 2 years or so, and starts frutiing in June, so is an early starter. Fruit flavour is good, as demanded by today's consumers, making this the perfect all-rounder.
For best results, grow in a large pot about 30cm or so in diameter, allowing room for growth over many years. Picking is at 80-100cm tall, so easy to net and easy to pick – perfect for children too - or why not make a raspberry hedge.
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for picking June – August. Plant about 70cm apart.


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